Now that my two boys, Noah and Isaac, are growing older, I can kick-start my artistic journey which has recently become a lifestyle for me. I am constantly on the lookout for different compositions, sometimes whilst driving. I attend art workshops regularly and recently joined an En Plein Air group of artists encouraging me to extend my studio to the outdoors.


As an artist I observe mainly land and seascapes through moods, preserving them on canvas to express what, to me, is evocative of that particular place and time. It relates to the importance of making permanent these otherwise volatile emotions.


I work hard at developing these works, observing my environment closely to pick specific scenery that conveys such abstract feelings. My work is sensitive to composition, line, texture, colour and boldness of brush stroke, which come together to project the energy that I reflect and try to capture on canvas.


An art tutor by profession, I couple my academic background with daily practice, which is vital to achieve meaningful results. I have many interests and due to my curiosity I spread my work into various fields.


Currently working in oils, I find other media suited for specific moods. Invariably my work is executed quickly, accurately and confidently to capture as much of the energy as possible.


Most of my landscapes contain no life form, facilitating interpretation and further absorption of the painting’s mood. Form, tone, colour, line, texture, composition and subject all come together to help me achieve the final result. In the rare occasions where human form is present, it invites the viewer to delve deeper into the human experience whether it is solitude, pain, despair or happiness.


My paintings are visual voices of personal experiences, happy or otherwise but nonetheless worthy of translation onto canvas.


I have recently also started to take portrait commissions of both people and animals.


Appreciation by Dr. Charlene Vella

For Debbie Bonello, art was always an innate part of who she was: as a young girl, as a dedicated art teacher, and as a fun-loving, woman.
She is a creative soul who has rediscovered the joy of painting. She has in the last few years been producing remarkable paintings that are expressive and characterised by loose brushwork and a broad palette with which she has created a timbre that has come to typify her work. Her subjects are varied: sweeping vistas, intense portraits, enchanting pets, and nudes, but even a hat takes centre stage in Debbie’s oeuvre. Whatever her chosen subject, it is approached with the same steadfastness, whether it is a quick painting she is executing or a more laboured one.
The strides that Debbie has been making are a result of her dedication to her art. There is no easy way to becoming a successful painter. Practice and hard work are key, as are talent and the ability to fashion imaginative compositions, even when based on reality.
She is also not one to shy away from painting en plein air, becoming one of the many painters in Malta who have been rediscovering the joys and pleasures of painting outdoors despite the challenges it presents. Debbie is naturally drawn to rural Malta, perhaps also due to the fact that she spent her childhood years in Mellieha, where she hails from. She is thus instinctively sensitive to her surroundings and the emotions of those around her, as is amply visible in some key works.
As individuals we reach several milestones during our lifetime, some grander than others, but by no means less gratifying. Throughout all of her milestones, painting has remained Debbie’s elixir of life and it is now finally coming to the forefront, as it justly deserves.
Maltese contemporary art is all the richer since Debbie Bonello has gone public with her art work, and it is high time that she makes her debut with her first solo exhibition.