Emerging Talent on Local Art Scene
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Emerging Talent on Local Art Scene


Debbie Bonello, a rising star on the local art scene, is set to launch her first solo exhibition at Palazzo de Piro in Mdina on 10thDecember 2017.

The daughter of local sculptor Emmanuel Cini, Debbie started her artistic journey as a young girl, watching her father work in his garage in Mellieha.  She went on to study Art at the University of Malta and taught art in a local school until she had her children.  When they got older, Debbie returned to painting, building up her portfolio, attending weekly art workshops with other well-known artists and participating in several collective exhibitions.  Her journey of self-discovery and constant experimentation has led her work to evolve and change, moulding her individual style.

Debbie has experience in painting with various media but is currently working with oils using a palette of vivid colours.  Her versatile choice of subjects ranges from portraits of people or animals to landscapes and seascapes inspired by Mediterranean rural and coastal scenery.  Her particular and expressive ‘abstract impressionistic’ style reflects her mood and inner energy at a specific time and place, capturing on canvas the emotions of the moment.  Debbie has also rediscovered the joy of working ‘en plein air’, and meets weekly with other artists to paint outdoors in various locations around the Maltese islands and abroad.  The group was recently filmed and interviewed by Mariella Pisani Bencini for ‘Meander’ a local Arts and Culture television programme.

Debbie reflects on her present lifestyle: “Working on my own can sometimes feel a little solitary, so I like to spend part of my week painting with other artists.  We exchange ideas and critique each other’s work. It is both inspirational and fun. I now spend every minute of my spare time painting.  My life has changed a great deal in the last few years and I feel like I’ve come a long way, artistically and professionally,” she muses.

Besides working on private commissions in her studio in Balzan, Debbie’s plans for the immediate future include a trip to Fabriano, Italy to take part in the 2018 event of FabbrianoInAcquarello, a prestigious international art exhibition dedicated to watercolour painting.

A selection of Debbie’s paintings can be viewed on permanent exhibition at Camilleri Paris Mode in Rabat.  She has also donated a piece to the Fine Arts Auction 2017 in aid of the Community Chest Fund and of course at Palazzo de Piro until the end of January 2018.  More information and a peek at some of Debbie’s paintings can be found on her website www.debbiebonello.com.  In my humble opinion, this very talented and upcoming young artist is definitely one to look out for.

By Joanna Dounis

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